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Analyze This - Vinod Chikkareddy

By not seeking to strive I conquer without effort

Vinod Chikkareddy
This is Vinod Chikkareddy's LJ page.

Vinod Chikkareddy is a person who likes to live on the cutting edge of life. His interests lie in technology, philosophy and the web.

Brought up mostly in Bangalore, I did my under-grad in Computer Science at RVCE. I then hitch-hiked my way to Hyderabad and stayed there for a while, working for Oracle for some time. Then realized I had lost interest in pure coding, decided to do something different, and joined IIMB for an MBA. And after 2 years of hard work at IIMB, I started to work at Microsoft India.

Non-LJ blogs: Aadisht, Adi, Anurag Jain, DD, Gagan, Gattu, Gurjar, Kima, Krishna, Mihir, Nikhil, Nirav, Rajeev, Ramya, Sangeet, Shubha, Sidin, Srikantan, Sudha, Sudheer, Sushma, Thakore, Varath, Vardhan, Vishy, Zulu ..

Note: All material on this journal is purely personal opinion. All the display (text, image, etc) and ideas published here are copyrighted. The only exceptions would be - (a) comments made by other participating LJ members, (b) works (copyrighted or otherwise) taken from other individuals and (c) any works (or parts thereof) which have prior copyright protection. I reserve the right to delete any comments made on this journal.